Student Benefits


We follow a unique TLM (Teaching and Learning Methodology) which benefits the students to understand the concepts easily for long term retention.

Emerge uses the 4A methodology to impart the Vocational and Skill Education. The 4A methodology is indented to provide maximum learning modes and experiences to students. Through this, concepts can be easily introduced, reinforced, assembled and applied. The 4A methodology has four stages:

Acquire: This is the first stage where the faculty introduces the topic. The objective is to introduce and explain the concepts related to the particular session. .

Augment: In this stage, students go through the Courseware and LMS. The objective is to reinforce the concepts through the experience of LMS. .

Assemble: In the third stage, students use the courseware, workbook to revise the contents. The objective is to synthesize learning, practice exercises and plan for solutions.

Apply: The final component in the 4A Methodology focuses on the hands-on application of the concepts learnt. The objective is to gain skills by practicing and implementing the solution planned.


  • Skill/Subject Matter Expertise
  • Unique and effective pedagogy
  • e-learning, technology enabled learning methods.
  • Scholarships through Star Scheme for passed out students
  • Base for self-confidence through opportunities to work in the services sector
  • Professional Practice or Live Projects and
  • Placement Assistance and real world experience

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