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Certificate in Financial Accounting

In the era of open economy, dynamic regulatory norms, a vast range of products and services, increasingly demanding customers in multiple regions are just a few of the hurdles which come in the way of implementing quality training initiatives in the Finance & Accounts sector.

Finance & Accounts workforce need to develop specialized skills, stay abreast with the latest developments, and be customer-friendly.

We can help the Finance & Accounts sector to implement employee learning solutions that cover compliance, soft skill development, continuous skill building and performance support.

What will I Learn?

  • Demonstrate a general understanding of the conceptual framework of the financial accounting process
  • Financial accounting statements in accordance with relevant accounting standards and generally accepted accounting principles
  • Financial accounting statements arising from company combinations, amalgamations and reconstructions
  • Discuss the work of the external and internal auditors.
  • You will get to manage their costs & revenue, work out profits & losses , plan for the firm future and calculate their tax payments.

What will I become?

  • You will get placed as junior accountant and accountant.

Where will I get placed ?

  • You will get finance and accounting jobs within Corporations, Private Firm, Financial Services Firm and Investment Banks. Financial Services Sector, Investment Banks need Accountants, as do Retail Banks, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Firms, Insurance Companies and Fund Managers.

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